For once again she went to the sea.

This season seemed so hard for her
Everyday life was like a knife to her chest
The Habit was hard like holding her from her neck.
She looked around her-chaos.
Her breath was now deep and curt; broken into pieces
Seek a lifeline, or whatsoever.
She screamed for a long time,
and then,
she stopped.
Suddenly, unexpectedly.
Listened with caution.
A response, a figure, something.
Time passed by, but nothing changed.
Lack Of Everything.


Only there she could stand.
By the sea-only.
She walked slowly with bare feet onto the wet sand.
The cold pierced her whole body.
The cold turn into fire.
She was burning

She held her breath
and listened to the waves.
Then, she synchronized with them.
Her breathing – their splash.

Then, turned its gaze to her.
Dark and magical, as always.
A dark abyss,
dressed with the veil,
of infinity.

Only a mystery.
Just riddles.

Somewhere beside the questions,
she found her answers.

Despite such extreme cold,
she morphed into flames.

by Evi  “Wild Rose” M.

Original Version of the poem “Saltiness”
written by Evi “Wild Rose”  M. can be found here

Evi “Wild Rose” M. studies literature. Her mood to writing articles, short stories and poems led her a few years ago to create her blog, titled “Wild Rose” ( ). In parallel, some of her texts have been published in a well-known Greek site named “Protagon” ( ). As a member of the Literatology team she writes poems, short stories and some articles.

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