Antony and Cleopatra

Of the brave Anthony as it seemed
His slender stature
A flame flashed through her eyes
And as the breeze blew
And bathed with Alexandrian fragrances her hair

"Mosca Antonius und Kleopatra" Υπό την άδεια Public domain μέσω Wikimedia Commons -
“Mosca Antonius und Kleopatra”

And night fell and it seemed as
The star of the evening shone middle-skied
The wine was flowing plentiful, like the mirrored waters of the roughened Nile
And they got drunk, and they laughed, and they felt bliss

And with the lofty and ageless moon
Silvering to the cold desert sands
They disappeared
And they became one
And the earth rejoiced

Alexandra Zevgiti

Original Version of the poem “Antony and Cleopatra”
written by Alexandra Zevgiti

Αντώνιος  και Κλεοπάτρα

Του γενναίου Αντωνίου σαν φάνηκε
το λυγερό ανάστημα
Μια φλόγα άστραψε στα δυο της μάτια
και φύσηξε το αγέρι
και έλουσε με αλεξανδρινά αρώματα τα μαλλιά της

Κι έπεσε η νύχτα και σαν φάνηκε
το άστρο του βραδιού μεσουρανίς και έλαμψε
έρεε το κρασί άφθονο, σαν τα καθρεφτίζουσα νερά του αγριεμένου Νείλου
Και μέθυσαν, κι εγέλασαν, κι ένιωσαν ευδαιμονία

Και με τη σελήνη αγέρωχη κι αγέραστη
να ασημώνει την κρύα άμμο της ερήμου
και γίνηκαν ένα
και ευφράνθηκε η γης.


Alexandra Zevgiti
Alexandra Zevgiti is studying History and Archaeology in the University of Ioannina. She likes poetry, art & literature and she loves writing short stories and poems. As a member of Literatology she writes articles and short stories as well as some poems.

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