A Siren’s Calling

As I look into your eyes
I can see another world
something that I can hold intoWaterhouse-Siren-1901
like a godsend miracle

Like a siren you pull me
closer to you
with your melodic voice
there isn’t much I can do

and I realize there is
no coming back
as you whisper in my ear
I am all yours

Your straight hair cover
your pretty face
with a stare and an enigmatic smile
you reveal your inner world to me

I don’t know if I can
keep up your pace
but I am following your another mile
I am craving for your heart key

That’s how much I want you
you are a sight of bliss
and we seal the promise
as I savor your kiss

And as our eyes meet
it feels like
the time had stopped

for that moment there
is only you and me
as the bright moon dropped

The night is long gone
giving its place to the sun
and its coming makes a majestic scene

The curtains fall and I am all alone
and you go back into the sea
as I shout come back to me Christine

by Alex Pantazis

singer of Silked & Stained, a Hard Rock/AOR Greek Band

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