Images of Life

Rainy_Night_Old_Montreal_St_Patricks_SQ-1286902357“… It was one of those rainy disturbing evenings. One of those that you don’t know what to wear, your skin feels cold as ice, and your hair is messed up by the blowing wind. The water on the streets is all over the place, and your boots are already dirty by the mud and dirt of the road. Irene has just finished one of her classes. She was carrying the notes of the class in her left hand, trying in the same time, not to let them get wet, while she was also trying hard to keep her black umbrella over her head. All of that of course while she was running across the street. Her brown cape was tied over her waist and she was feeling cold, because she’d forgot her scarf at home earlier that day.

As she was walking fast, almost running, she was trying to remember where her keys where. Approaching, her house she noticed a man’s figure sitting on the doorstep. By the time she entered in the front yard, the man stood up with a smile in his face. He was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a black sweatshirt with a white logo. Irene immediately noticed he was wearing glasses which were already wet by the continuous rain. “May I help you?” she asked him politely. “Irene?”… The man answered”

the-hug-ray-agius…He started yelling at her face “Stop acting like you have always known everything and stop keeping me out of your life for God’s sake!” She wiped out her tears and took a deep breath trying to leave the anxiousness. Then she slowly whispered “What would you really do if you knew that the end was coming, Baby cakes? “ He felt her fear and came closer before she started to cry again ” I’d live each and every day of my life with the most intense way that I can and I able to, like it would be the last one my little angel. With you if you allow me to” Afterwards she gave him “The hug” he deserved and he kissed her tender….

“…….Irene starts to walk in the living room. He stands up and she walks behind him almost touching the frozen wall. He is right in front of her and he is a bit taller. She looks up to him beautiful face. “Are you avoiding me Irene?” her breath stops. She looks down, as she is trying to see the ground. He takes her head with his left hand, slowly, gently. Her head is up again looking into his green eyes. Her heart starts to beat faster. The skin in her face that is covered by his hand, gives the sense of burning. In that very moment she is unable to think. She can’t react in any possible way. She looks him in the eyes on more time. He comes closer and closer. Her eyes are closed now. She has forgotten how to breathe. She is for sure going to l faint. She will absolutely faint. There he goes. His breath on her lips, the warmth of his body. His lips are touching hers soft, smooth, in a way that only he can. That’s it. She is dead. She already knows it….”

Written By Angelique “Little Angel”

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