The Seine at la Garenne Saint-Denis, 1870

The moonlight is lost
In the city streets
It is dirty in the dirt corners
It pours in the slime.
It drags to the wet roads
It hobbles
In rubbish mountains.
It falls insulted and rises again
And it returns on the sky
In the morning
It washes itself to come back in the city
In relentless fight with decline.

Theocharis Papadopoulos
Translated into English language by Gergana Yohanova
You can find the original version of “Moonlight” poem written by Theocharis Papadopoulos right underneath

Το φως του φεγγαριού,
χάνεται στα σοκάκια της πόλης,
λερώνεται στις βρώμικες γωνιές της,
κυλιέται στα λασπόνερα,
σέρνεται στους νοτισμένους δρόμους,
σκοντάβει στα βουνά των σκουπιδιών,
πέφτει πληγωμένο,
Το πρωί γυρνά στον ουρανό,
για να γυρίσει το βράδυ στην πόλη,
σε αέναη μάχη με το βούρκο.


Theocharis Papadopoulos was born in 1978 in Piraeus. He graduated Finance and accounting in Chalkida. His books are translated in Bulgarian by Emilia Trifonova. He has participated in International writers meetings. He has published 6 poetry books. Theocharis is a member of Greek writing society, Panhellenic writing society, UNESCO – association of art, literature and science for Greece and the writing society of Piraeus. He is co-founder of New spiritual circle of Kallithea. He has his own page full of reviews, critic, national news in magazine: . He represented Balkan poetry in magazine “Letters of the wind” in Haemus section